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Just Look...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

For the Love of Free Stuff

As aware as I am that I still have much blogging to do about my trip (and I am reminded every time I open my blog dashboard because I created new posts with topics for each post I want to do and so there they are, silently mocking me and my lack of time every single time I open it up), I need to interrupt the regularly (overdue) scheduled Israel blogging to write my post on Jen Hatmaker's new book, For the Love!

I was BEYOND overjoyed many, many months ago when, after a friend sent me the link and suggested I apply, I applied at the very last minute and was given a spot on Jen Hatmaker's launch team for this new book. This was my first time to serve on a launch team (although time #2 came on the heels of that one and THAT book comes out tomorrow as well! blog on it to come!) and it was so much fun!

I think the first time I heard Jen was back in 2012 at the dotMom conference. (2011? Not even sure.) Anyway, she made the most powerful impression on me and I rushed back home to pick up a copy of her book called 7. To say that 7 changed my life is an understatement. I feel that it was a path I might have naturally been headed down, but that book was the catalyst that has driven nearly every activity and focus and passion since I read it. I followed it with her husband's (Brandon) book, The Barefoot Church. I know this blog is about Jen ;) but somehow, Brandon's book hit me even harder than 7 had.

Since that fall, I have heard Jen at least three more times and am currently reading Interrupted, the book that actually came before 7. It will shake you around a lot too! I am, unabashedly, a Jen Hatmaker groupie. And do you know why I don't feel weird about that? Because Jen Hatmaker is a Jesus groupie and everything she writes, says, and lives is testament to that fact.

For the Love is just... beautiful. It contains all of her poetic language, her depth of thought, and her unique way of being the vehicle that Jesus uses to drip His love all over you. It also contains her ridiculous wit, her hilarious commentary, and the strange ability she has to make you feel like you are sitting in her kitchen, chatting with her, through her writing.

I talk to my AP kids about classics. One of the criteria for a classic is that it must have multiple layers of meaning and appeal to a broad audience. This book does both of those things and so much more. Our launch group runs the gamut, from high school all the way to... a long way from high school. ;) Each person in this group has testified to having gotten so much from this book. You will NOT be disappointed if you purchase this book. You will laugh hysterically on one page and wipe at tear drops on the pages on the next. Honestly, the chapter she writes to her children is enough reason alone to purchase the book. As a teacher and a mom, I had to stop reading it in public because the other patrons of Superfly were concerned that I was suffering some sort of inner tragedy based on the heaving sobs I was choking back.

I'm doing a double giveaway for Launch Day. I want to randomly select two people, one to receive the book and one to receive a tshirt I designed with my very favorite quote from the book: Be Kind, Be You, Love Jesus.

All you need to do is sign up for Jen's emails OR, if you're already receiving those nuggets, just follow her on any social media platform (pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). You can sign up for her emails just by entering your email address in the bar in the middle of her homepage. The link is http://jenhatmaker.com/home.htm . Simply leave a comment here to let me know you followed, including your email address so I can let you know if you win and get your mailing info. Drawing is only open to continental US. :)

Happy Tuesday, happy launch day!

Winners were: Lauren Haun (tee shirt since she already had the book) and Wanda Williams!
 Thanks for playing, friends!